Designing A Homeless Ad

This ad can be found on the Picswe website. It is promoted by the UN and a company called Shelter Love. This site shares media and ads that can be used for visual media purposes. They have a large assortment of different ads and visual media.

This ad is meant to catch attention with a bold statement and appearance. The bold heading catches a reader’s eye, and the box in the background raises curiosity. The statement about the box being someone’s home is dramatic and discomforting to a reader. It raises a sense of guilt and desire to contribute to the greater good.


The contrast in this ad can be seen in a few different ways. The size of the words at the top and bottom create a contrast with size that shows the reader what the priority of the ad is.

Contrast can also be see in the colors used for the ad. There is a clear distinction between the brown and the white.


Repetition can be seen in a few different ways in this image. The white color used for the words and line is consistent throughout the piece.

Repetition can also be seen in the text. The font and sizing is reused throughout the ad to create consistency and unity.


The alignment in this ad is simple and clear. Everything is aligned with everything else with a left justification on the edge of the image.


Proximity is used throughout this piece to group certain categories of information together. There is a large space between the general information of the ad and the contact information at the bottom. There is also a smaller division between groups of general information to separate certain points.


The coloring for this ad is relatively simple. The only clear colors are a white text and brown background. Theses colors for this ad don’t appear to have been selected using any common color-wheel techniques.

Aside from the colors themselves, there is also some noticeable changes in the hue of the background. The brown background slowly tints as it moves from the left to the right side of the visual media.


The designer of this ad was knowledgeable and aware of the various components needed to create a well designed and professional ad. They were able to follow all the major principles using proximity, alignment, repetition, and contrast to make the media visually attractive.

It can be concluded that this ad will appeal to readers and accomplish its purpose of evoking strong emotions about the homeless problem in the world. As well thought out in the design, readers will likely feel a sense of guilt and urgency to remedy the current dilemma.